April 20, 2018
HALEAKALA: How Maui Snared The Sun, on YouTube
Naxos has posted the recording, with Richard Chamberlain as narrator, of HALEAKALA: HOW MAUI SNARED THE SUN. Hear the Honolulu Symphony, under Donald Johanos, in this iconic...
KMFA: A Celebratory Overture premieres!
Dan Welcher's new orchestral overture, commissioned by radio station KMFA-FM in honor of its fiftieth birthday, was premiered by the Austin Symphony Orchestra on January 13 and 14. Score & Video:
UT New Music Ensemble with Dan Welcher, video sampler
A potpourri of videos with the University of Texas New Music Ensemble, including
a brief interview with Dan Welcher about the value of this music.
Online interview: Dan Welcher with Kathy Panoff of Texas Performing Arts
An interview about the creation of MUSEON POLEMOS for two antiphonal string quartets, which was written for the Miro and Shanghai Quartets.
Mr. Tambourine Man: Seven Poems of Bob Dylan by John Corigliano
Here's the UT New Music Ensemble, with Alissa Roca, soprano. In performance on March 28, 2017.  
 Dan Welcher conducts.
Premiere of SYMPHONY #6 ('Three Places in the East')
The long-awaited world premiere of Welcher's SYMPHONY #6 ("Three Places in the East") will take place at 8:00 (EDT) on September 20th, in Athens, Georgia.  Jaclyn Hartenberger will lead the University of Georgia Wind Symphony in Hodgson Hall, and admission is free.  The work was...
Dan Welcher on creating The Yellow Wallpaper
An hour-long lecture at Hendrix College on libretto writing, containing Scenes IV and V of Welcher's opera "The Yellow Wallpaper"